Dry+Store™ Reusable Bag Drying Rack and Bin Set


  1. Wash reusable bags according to directions from the manufacturer.
  2. Place the opening of wet bags over prongs so the bags stay open. Prongs will flex inward to accommodate small bags.
  3. Allow bags to fully air-dry inside and out.
  4. When bags are dry, simply toss them in the bin and store in the cabinet. The Drying Rack and Storage Bin nest together for compact storage.
  5. If cleaning is necessary, please hand wash. We do not recommend putting the Dry+Store in the dishwasher.

How many reusable bags can this product dry?

  • The prongs will hold and dry 5 reusable bags at once.
  • Place small items like reusable straws, travel mug tops and silverware in the drying rack basket.

How many reusable bags can this product store?

  • The bin will comfortably store 5-10 reusable bags, but you may be able to fit more depending on the brand/style of reusable bag.

What size is the Dry+Store™ Bag Drying Bin Set?

Dry+Store Set 

Dry+Store Set